Friday 29 April 2022

Catching Up

When I say catching up I mean exactly that... even with longer evenings and earlier starts there are still not enough hours in a day.

Shirley was extreeeeemly happy to show us her completed Penguin Quilt top. It's been a lot of fun watching them come to life. Shirley sews with absolute precision, it's just the way she likes it...

Whizz by one week, and a weekend of quilt show... the back was already pieced and ready to be made into a Penguin sandwich. I don't have enough room for large sandwich making really but we managed it in 2 halves, How cute is that Waddle of Penguins!!!
Last Thursday Di had a bit of a 'moment'. Up to this day she had made one Ohio Star each week. It's not all about the sewing, there's a lot of cutting and planning colour placement involved too, not to mention the nattering and tea drinking! This last class Di produced 3 whole blocks... amazing. Such a happy lady Lidl

Fast foreword to yesterday... back to one block achieved but, my goodness, were those centres spot on!!! Unfortunately though, she had made a perfect Hour Glass unit with the wrong fabrics.... there will be a matching cushion now!! ha ha ha

Just Jan wanted/needed to make a fast Lick-etty-split baby quilt. a floor mat really (before you remind me we are not allowed to make baby quilts) She purchased the last bug panel then we brainstormed a bit about design possibilities, That was on Tuesday afternoon... I received this picture last night, It's already finished, and absolutely fabulous toot toot toot Jan, that really was a lick-etty-split job.

I know some of you live a million miles away...
So, more for the locals to the area... Just out of interest,...

IF I started up a Social Stitching 'thing' in Cheadle (the Staffordshire Cheadle) on a Monday evening... would any of you be interested?
The location I have in mind is a private venue and has a bar.
You would need to be doing hand stitching/knitting/crochet etc as the tables are not really suitable for sewing machines. It's just an idea at the moment but it could be fun. I would love to hear from you, constructively please.
Me, Angie 07807530441 Please ask your chums too.

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