Sunday 22 May 2022

Stitching News

I can't really apologise for being missing in action this week. It might be like this for a while until I get used to this new busy life! I'm not used to late nights and working in a bar is definitely a late night!! But, needs must and I will get used to it I'm sure.

Susan came to make her beautiful flowers quilt sandwich last weekend... I've been trying to blog this for you but I'm too late every morning, ha ha ha. It's such a lovely pattern isn't it. Susan will quilt it on her very own Juki. She purchased a spool of thread to match each flower.

Janis also came to make a sandwich, a week later, ha! We discussed quilting options as we pinned the layers. There were so many options and we will just have to wait to see what Janis chooses to do. It's a big lap quilt but not too large for lovely quilting.

New Sue spied a few vacant tables, which is a rare thing in a quilting classroom as we soon spread out with all our paraphernalia, so she was able to lay out her blocks to see the progress. Log Cabin blocks are so interesting and these, with the square details, are just fabulous. It's going to be a Table Runner.

Naughty Christabelle... She purchased the fabrics for her next project... then she declared/swore she wouldn't start it until the quilt was finished for Kitty, remember the heart one for Tabitha? Well, humbugs... Christabelle started the new one!!! It's more purple-y than it looks in my photo. We forgive you Chris, we would all have done the same thing!

Our Pam is continuing with gusto... determined to finish lots of her PhD's and to empty all those lovely project boxes. The centre is complete and Pam still has hundreds of Hexagons prepared so she's going to use lots on the border, it will be fabulous!

During Uttoxeter Quilt Show I was demonstrating how I wrap the fabric strips around the Pot Cord, I finished a long enough length to make a small pot.... so here is is, a fabulous and finished wonky pot!! not sure why it ended up so wiggly though... must be something to do with concentrating?

Right back in May 2020 I thought I still had time to sew... it was deep in those lockdown times.... I cut out a pair of dungarees each for the grand-kiddos. Then, all of a sudden I had to rush about decorating ready to move home. I found the cut out pattern pieces last Sunday and made them up. Faye tried them on... three inches too short in the body!!! My make was Only 2 years too late, ha ha ha The baby ones I had cut out had no chance, so they are in my scraps box!

Next weekend we have a Sunday Funday Sewday at Checkley Village Hall, have you booked to come?
9.30am to 4.30pm. £20.00 which includes a light lunch and refreshments.
You will need to book, but that's easy, just email me or call/WhatsApp me 07807530441

Also On Monday evenings, for the forsee-a-bubble future, Social Stitching in Cheadle will be every week for you!!!  

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