Wednesday 25 May 2022

Stitching News

Firstly I'd like to remind you that we have a Sunday Sewday this weekend at Checkley Village Hall. If you are planning to come and you haven't booked, you have until lunchtime Friday 27th to decide. Don't forget to bring your mug!

It was a very busy classroom on Tuesday... I did manage to snap a few piccies...

Princess Jackie is back with us and the new hip is stitching up a storm!!  Obviously it's OK to sew but not to do the home chores.  This beautiful and colourful quilt top was only at the trace it, stick it, cut it out stage last time Jackie came. It's all stitched and ready to be sandwiched, once the pieced from bits backing is finished

And after a naughty girl telling off in my last blogpost, Christabelle gave one last push and finished Kitty's quilt. There were a few little details to be added and the beautiful label to be sewn on to the back... look at the detail in the next picture!

Attention to detail, as we have come to expect from Chris... The tiny little 3D Mini Mouse and the 3D fish trinkets for the cat collar took ages to make, fiddley little things do take longer than we would expect. It's an absolutely fabulous and finished quilt toot toot toot. Kitty is one Lucky little girl.

New Sue was productive too. She arrived for class with 12 finished Log Cabin blocks and went home with a sandwich and a few quilting ideas. There are so many ways to quilt the Log Cabin blocks so Sue will have fun.

With all the Kitty Quilt pressure gone, Christabelle was able to officially make her two trial quilt blocks. you can't quite make out the secondary pattern yet, but it's definitely there!!

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