Wednesday 26 April 2023

Let's Catch Up

I know I keep telling you how busy I am. It's not an excuse and I'm not complaining.
It's real life.
I've decided to try sitting on my hands and to stop volunteering so much, ha!! 

Were you able to get to our local quilt show at Uttoxeter this last weekend? There were lots of visitors this year. It's always lovely to catch up with the folk I only see annually at the show.

Thank you VERY MUCH to Our Carol and Christabelle, who volunteered their time to help put the quilts up with me on the Wednesday,  just three of us this year, hard to believe I know, but we did it. We did have a couple of guys with a ladder to help too.
Huge thanks to those who gave their time to be a Quilt Angel. Especially Di (Lady Lidl) Farmer Lynda and Our Very Own PM Pam, all of whom stayed with me for all three, long days xx
We took the whole quilt show down in record time this year, thank you Gwen and Our Carol!
The hand over all happened very smoothly too, Di and Sharon helped with that, thanks ladies.

It's all done and dusted for another 11 months or so. (Note to self, finish a quilt!)
There is some information on the winning exhibits here and no, I didn't take those pictures! 

It's a Checkley Sunday Funday Sewday this weekend, 30th May. 
9:30am to 3:30pm £20 paid in advance and £25.00 to pay on the day.

Okeydokey folks.
I'll find some pictures for you in the next post. xx

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