Tuesday 15 August 2023

Gotta Love A Panda

Merlot sews so many projects at the very same time that it's hard to keep up with her progress. She buckles down and gets on with it/with them, all the while thinking what to add to her  'want to make it' list.
She very much enjoys making the Elizabeth Hartman patterns too. All that itsy-bitsy cutting out and labelling up appeals to her. Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but when folk see the end result they love them and get tempted too.

Lookie, Pandas In Sweaters!!!!

Merlot made 7 adore-a-bubble Pandas, each one with a different sweater fabric, they are all sooooo cute. She will choose her favourite 6 to use on the main quilt, a good lap size and the remaining Panda will be used on something else, I forgot what though, tut! I'll try to remember to get more pictures in a week or so when they return for a Saturday Sewday.

A group of my customers have gone away on a sewing retreat this week.
There's another group going away to retreat in mid September.
Then there's the last retreat of the year at the end of November to look forward to. 
Is it possible to have too much sewing time? 

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