Monday 7 August 2023

Stitching News

Blimey that week passed very quickly. Another busy week in my shop and classroom so, yet again, I took just a few pictures. Luckily some ladies sent me their progress photos too.

Deb is making the blocks for the Snowman Collector quilt. There are 12 in total and she's decided on a very different look. This snowman, on night sky, is adorned with buttons, military I think. Deb is really enjoying personalizing her project.

Farmer Lynda had her resident artist draw the faces on the pirates giving them more character. Then she palyed with her fancy Juki stitches to embellish the trees. There are words being appliqued next, Lynda is going off-piste for the next bits!

Jan had black and white fabrics left over from all those lovely swan blocks she made recently. She had purposely purchased a little extra of each with this Log Cabin quilt on her "I want to make this" pile. She's made quite a few of the blocks, the design layout is still to be decided.

Bev's decided to make different pieced blocks to complement a panel she found in her stash. Luckily I had some fabrics that co-ordinate with the panel, I think they are from the same collection. If cutting fabric doesn't go to exactly plan you can always improvise, as we did with that there tiny star!

Tina is back quilting her X Box inspired gifting quilt. It's mostly done, just the corners to be stitched  then it will be trim the crusts off time. The binding will be black. This is Tina's first quilt.

Christmas Corner is busy in my shop. Quite a few customers have decided to crack on with festive projects, that could be helped by our awful weather, leaves on our trees are turning autumnal and some ladies have confessed to turning their home heating on! 

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