Friday 28 July 2023

Stitching News

I've met a lot of lovely people this week. Many who came for the first time having taken a detour on their route to somewhere else, there's a fun idea.
In my shop it's "Bitty Bolt" time again. There's 10% of the price of a piece of fabric if it empties a bolt centre and I have a lot of bolts with very little fabric on them, so tempting!

Cheryl came to make her New York Beauty sandwich and what a beauty it is.

This is another angle. My photos don't show you how beautiful the quilt is really. All made with Batik fabrics and foundation Paper Piecing. Cheryl's first time sewing curves too, and there are a lot of curves!! We will need those trumpets soon.

Judy started to join her blocks together. 
See the secondary pattern forming, I love a secondary pattern.

Bev got the quilting all finished, 60 degree angles work to quilt almost every line without stopping, which is very much fun! Then binding made and stitched on. She is very pleased with her Ugly Cabinet Topper. I am reliably informed that it's all finished and in place now. We will need a photo so we can toot Bev!

Shirly has now finished her Autumnal Lap Quilt top. Those squares in the border look great don't they. It's been set one one side, before sandwiching, for a little while as Shirley's pins are being used in another project, remember the dogs in coats?

Farmer Lynda's Lick-etty-Split baby gifting quilt is finished, toot toot toot Lynda.

And Pam made one too, she does love a lick-etty-Split project. Toot toot toot Pam

Yes, this was all written Lick-etty-Split!
I better run to open up my lovely shop, there's fabric due in this morning, ooooooh no! 


Anne Kirby said...

Hi Angie, those bolt centers make great free portable ironing boards! Just a scrap of batting and some fabric or part of a sheet, with some staples. Display them with a sample, and you won't have to put them in your trash!

Angie said...

Hello Anne.
I never put the bolt centres in my trash. There are many uses for them.
Thank you for that great tip.