Saturday 22 July 2023

Stitching News

 Projects are coming together very nicely in the classroom

Beano finished another quilt top. Bright Wonky Stars galore. Jean has two other quilts all pinned up and ready to be quilted but she decided to get this one ready then have a quilting marathon to stitch all three ready for gifting. 

Rose found a quilt in a book and decided to make it. She didn't stick religiously to the pattern but used it as inspiration. This is/was the centre of the huge quilt, but it is now the quilt, Pleasing her very own self, Rose will make a round play mat. Fun huh.

It's tooting time for Princess Jackie's Flower Garden wall hanging. Fabulous and finished and totally gorgeous. Jackie is mid decorating her room so I am honoured to have the quilt hanging in my classroom for a short while if you would like a closer peep, It really needs to be seen in real life, I promise! toot toot toot Jackie, it's amazing work womanship
This is the back of Jackie's wall hanging. Just lovely, a hanging sleeve already in place ready and waiting to be hung in a prime location.

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