Monday 10 July 2023

Secret Sandwiches

I used to have Sandwich Saturdays, on Saturdays 😉 but now that we have patchwork and quilting classes every (almost every) Saturday, I've had to switch my Sandwich Saturdays, especially for larger quilts, to Fridays. How confusing is that? Sandwich Saturdays are on Fridays! You still have to book a slot so I can get my tables ready for you.

Beano booked a double dose of sandwich making with these two baby gifting projects. 
They look the same but they are a little different. The backs are not the same either.

You could play that old game "Spot The Difference" couldn't you? I think they still have those in the Puzzler books. There is another quilt top in the making and Beano wants to get that finished before the quilting rally for these two projects commences. 
While Jean was pinning away, Pam heard that one lady had had to cancel her sandwich making appointment at the last minute so she jumper in her car, (now there's an image!) and popped along to make her very own sandwich.
 Pam must have been listening to Gail's strategy about making tops and backings then hiding them unfinished, in her garage because she was rooting in her storage room and found this top and backing folded together. It is enormous, about 2 metres wide by 2.30 long (80" x 94" -ish) and made in beautiful Batiks. It was made in about 2016. The backing is pieced with big chunks of more Batiks. Quilting has already started, go Our Pam!

I will be ordering the entrance tickets for our pilgrimage to Festival Of Quilts on Friday 14th, so if you want your bargain price ticket you will need to book and pay by Thursday.
There will be plenty of seats on our coach for last minute rides, but you will need to sort out your own entrance ticket after Thursday.

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