Monday 17 July 2023

Stitching News

Well, how very rude am I? Don't answer that. I'm seeing all the wonderful projects and helping them grow and not sharing them with you. On top of plain forgetting to take any pictures, I declare that I hate my computer, we are just no longer friends!  So I don't turn it on. We can do so much on the old Mobile phone these days that I don't even turn my computer on, for days. But here I am now, with a few inspiring photos.

Shirley carefully measured through the centre of her top for her border strips, always a good move!  three border rounds later, she set about cutting all the squares for the pieced outer border. Shirley had decided on the order that the squares would be sewn together in advance then proceeded to get them mixed up so now, they will be randomly stitched together. Hooray!!

Christabelle's Hidden Wells, absolutely fabulous and now finished. toot toot toot. 
What a beautiful gifting quilt it is too. An easy to make design but it does need accurate cutting and pinning, that's if you want all the strips lining up to make the lovely secondary patterns.

Bev is so chuffed with her table topper. It all started with a picture in a book that had no pattern and was too large anyway. A piece of paper, a tape measure and a calculator for the mathemisms, oh my goodness, lot's of diamond-y 60 degree angle mathemisms! and it's done! Pins are the secret, you ask Bev.
In no time at all the sandwich was made and the quilting will commence ASAP

Norma is making another gifting quilt. Applique is her favourite thing to do, especially if it's large shapes, these are 12 inch blocks with big flowers. She has so many small pieces of fabric to use up that a sashing of 3 inch squares seemed like a good idea, I think you will agree that it's looking really good already.

Wow, wow, wow... That's what everyone said when Cheryl held up this top.
Foundation Paper Piecing, long slender point-y points, just beautiful! There will be borders added over the next few days and a sandwich making session is booked for Friday, this week, blimey!

Jan purchased one of the last few Tilda Scrap Bundles. After making a few rather intricate quilt tops, she wanted a slightly less complicated project to make. Isn't it lovely, it's a very easy make from one of the pre-cut books, should you fancy a go.

Judy is making a bed runner come bed scarf. Both are the same thing really. She very much enjoys the mathemisms and different techniques we can use to achieve a perfect block. Once these blocks are all joined together there will be a magnificent applique border made, I kid you not!

Now, if you use Facebook, you will know that occasionally it throws up a photo of something you posted years before, as a memory to look back on. A photo of this quilt popped up on my feed. It said it was made by Our Pam. I asked Pam about it and she was adamant that it was not hers. 
A few days later, Our Pam sent me this picture. 
She had found the unfinished quilt in a pile. I can see pins so it is a sandwich.

This is the back, how amazing it is. 
Pam still doesn't remember making it. 
The quilting was actually almost finished too!
 Pam is on a mission now and we will see it finished very soon.

Farmer Lynda wanted to make a baby gifting quilt. This is one of Lynda's favourite fast  to finish projects and she uses the design as her "Go To". It was all going so well, lick-etty-split it WAS all coming together like a dream. Can you spot why the progress had to be revised?

Our tickets have been ordered and paid for now for the Pilgrimage to Festival Of Quilts, 6th August. There are still a few coach seats avail-a-bubble should you want to be chauffeured to the show and back for £20.00 but you will need to sort out your own entrance pass.

Last but not least, Sunday Sewday is coming up too. 

Sunday 30th July 9.30am - 3-30pm £20.00 (£25.00 to pay on the day) that includes all refreshments and a light lunch. Places are limited so you do need to book and pay, in advance is much easier please.

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