Monday 13 November 2023

Catching Up

Catching up with what? I don't seem to be catching up with anything, ha! What a whirlwind time it's been since I last wrote anything. The classroom is busy, very busy at the moment. Sandwich making is on the rise and they are jumbo size sandwiches too. I do have a few pictures for you...

Christabelle has just about done all of the walking foot quilting in the sashing strips and has started on her free-motion doodling quilting in those main blocks. This quilt design is brilliant for showing off beautiful fabrics if you don't want to cut them up, especially floral ones.

Rose finished her Log Cabin gifting quilt top with the addition of a 10" wide border. We could hardly get it up high enough let alone fit the width in shot, this is one huuuuge quilt. The sandwich will be made very soon, Friday I think, then Rose will quilt it, all by her very own self.

Jackie spent her day quilting this lovely gifting quilt. 
So clever how straight lines make those circles. 
Wait till you see the splendid backing!

These two pieces are also Jackie's. Aren't they the cutest thing!! Such perfect fabric choices for the creatures. These are two of the four quarters that Jackie will sandwich and quilt individually before joining them together apartment-ly.

It's almost time for our retreat in Lickey Hills. It's a huge venue so if you decided at this last minute that you would like to treat yourself to a little, selfish, sewing time, just let me know.

Out of time for today folks, but I will be back!

There seems to be a problem with my virtual tour thing so I will try to sort that for you.

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