Monday 20 November 2023

Stitching News

I have quite a few pictures to show you in this post. Given a whole week has flown by.
I'm having new computer problems, the damn thing keeps updating and adding things that slow it down, A LOT! For example, gaming?
I don't even play, Xbox! I only play JUKI !!

I told you we have had a sandwich run, the finished quilts are starting to roll in now.
Trumpets ready...

Tooting first of all for Princess Jackie's fabulous and finished quilt. This design has many names in different books but for us it's a circle quilt! Circles made from straight lines.
Jackie had a few blocks left over, she must have gotten carried away making them? or ? I cut her too many bits and she sewed until they were all done, which ever, they came in handy for this rather splendid backing. toot toot toot Jackie
Judy's splendid Christmas quilt. Technically, it's not finished as the binding needs a bit of stitching but Judy won't be able to bring it in again for us to see. She had it long arm quilted by Amanda in Stone, who's done a fabulous job, of course aided by the clever computer machine.  Judy chose a perfect festive stitch design. Toot, tiny-toot, ha ha ha!

This is Judy's fabulous Christmas table topper. Obviously it co-ordinates perfectly with the lap quilt above. Judy quilted this all by her very own self and it too, needs the binding hand stitching to be both fabulous and finished.

Princess Jackie spied opportunity to make a farm animal quilt sandwich. If you remember, this is one quarter of the whole quilt, all four quarters will be joined together after quilting, apartment-ly.

All Day Di was very relieved to be able to find space for sandwiching one of her Scandinavian Tomte quilts. Time is ticking very quickly and both quilts are needed for festive gifting, thank goodness she will have 3 lovely long days on the retreat, no cooking, no cleaning, just sewing! 

Bev has been watching people on T'Internet make this Highland Cow. She succumbed to temptation and ordered the pattern and brought it to class. And, after a few fun minutes with Heat & Bond (yes it does matter which side we stick it to) he was done. This smart fellow will be made into a cushion as soon as he's quilted.

All the planning done by Shirley worked out. She had very random Railfence blocks. Can we call them random when they are mathematically mixed up? Better still, does it matter? Absolutely not, if order is your thing, you can order your randomness!

After playing with the layout for a short while, this was Shirley's chosen design. I must say I do love a Railfence quilt. It's a very easy design that never looks out of place, whether modern or contemporary is your thing or more traditional style, it bridges all sorts.
I've managed a little sewing recently as I've stopped that second job that was eating all of my time and energy. But lookie what I did here!! 4 of my triangles got sew in the wrong direction and I didn't notice until I was quilting, grrrrrr. It's staying as it is, but I am a bit miffed!

Only one week to go before we get to relax on the sewing retreat. If only I could decide what to work on. There are a few of us that haven't decided yet. We all have so many things we want to sew, the problem is choosing which 'one' to take. Unlike Our Pam who just takes them all, ha ha ha!

Please remember that my shop will not be open next week, 27th November but will be open on Saturday 2nd. All day and it's a sewing Saturday in my classroom too.

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