Saturday 2 December 2023

We're Back!

Just a quick post today. We had a great time on our retreat. Arriving in rain and blustering winds, not fun driving on the motorway! But day 2 treated us to beautiful sunshine. Dry and crisp every day, not that the weather is all that important on a sewing retreat. The sewing room was huge with hundreds of tables and we all made really good use of those! "Have tables, will spread!" like all quilters/crafters.

I took three projects with me, that's the two I had planned and one last minute 'just in case' I needed a third one. ha! Why do we do that? I started the 'just in case' project first as it was on top of everything else. 3 days later I had a completed top. I love it.

I have booked 5 further retreats, The dates will be posted on my blog as soon as I am able.

My shop is open again as normal from today. There's a full class booked in too today, so I better get going.

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