Sunday 3 December 2023

Stitching News

A little note to start with, Thank you for the messages about the fabulous quilt top that I made on the wonderful retreat. You are kind! It is a super easy design made with 14 Fat Quarters (or more if you want a longer quilt)

The strips were cut before I went galivanting and this is the order I had planned to sew them together.   All are cut cut 5" wide. I did, obviously on purpose, change the order of the strips a bit, ha! It didn't matter in the end as the finished top is rather splendid. It's been placed on my PIP pile, that's "Project In Progress", have you got a PIP Pile?

Christabelle has been intrigued by the patchwork designs that give a 3D effect for a while now and has made a gifting quilt plan. Basically the quilt will be only grey fabrics and the density of the colours will hopefully work the 3D effect. Easier to see when your carpet gives it's helping hand!!

After placing the diamonds onto her carpet, Chris was very happy and able to continue with the new plan. That beautiful Batik was purchased to be the tops of the blocks, it really does look 3D don't you think? Obviously the units are all spread over the floor for this picture so Chris will have to pick them all up in the right sewing order, fingers are crossed.

We have need of shiny trumpets now. Deb finished her very own Lap Quilt made in festive fabrics. Half Square Triangles made with a Moda Charm Pack, very effective. Toot toot toot Deb this is your fabulous and finished quilt fanfare!

Di just about finished her second Scandinavian Tomte quilt top with time to spare for sandwich making. Both of her Tomte quilts need to be ready for gifting soon so this is what Di worked on at our retreat. She took her fantastic Juki UX8 which made it super easy,  quilting can be a bit of a work out on a smaller machine, but we do it!

Again those trumpets need to be shining and ready for a Fabulous and finished, gifting quilt fanfare. A Toot toot toot for our Jean Beano please.  This quilt has had a facing added rather than binding, it's Beano's new favourite thing to do.

I've added most of the retreat and Sunday Sewday dates to the Fun tab for you. 
I have to say there are lots of names on the retreat lists. March is full up already, with a waiting list. 
I can't confirm prices until nearer the time, obviously.

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