Monday 18 August 2008

August PIP Camp, Day 1

For August we had our PIP camp in the ministry centre. 10 ladies attended... even though most of Portugal is on holiday for the month of August, especially this weekend as it was a national holiday on Friday.
This was a UFO camp........
Milly worked on her Christmas baubles...... Milly likes to have all her stuff around her, she says it makes her look really busy!
The sewing machine is a Bernette, available for hire at PIP camps. Milly and Regina shared this one as we only have two.
Regina also continued to work on hers...... (a few of us wanted a piece of Regina's skirt for our patchwork!... but that isn't where we cut it, the split was already there... tee hee...)
Ursula quilted her Christmas tree with shiny gold and bronze coloured threads...

Anabala worked on her baubles....
Ann continues to work on her Irish Chain, this is a huge quilt and Ann has used a silk peach coloured fabric, it gives a very luxurious look to the project...

Bette is very happy with her paper piecing, this machine was kindly lent to her by Ines from the Patch-Mania quilt shop.
Cathy , working on her Christmas baubles and loving the project, her machine is one of the two we have at PIPs available for hire.
Irene was quilting her first project, a Rail Fence table runner.... almost finished and time for coffee!

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