Friday 1 August 2008

Empty cupboards

I went to the new house today. I took all of my yardage fabrics over and started to put them away. I am, once again lucky enough to have a lovely sewing room, about the same size as the one I have in this house, but with a bigger cupboard/wardrobe for storing my treasures and a few drawers for hiding the uglies, and believe me, I have pleanty of uglies!!!

I will, in time, be re-folding most of my fabrics to get better use of the shelf space... fun job!

All of my books and folders have a place to be and I think I have decided how I will put the tables....

I only have scraps at this house now, so, until we actually move, that is what I shall work on.
I have four patterns lined up... there is the first problem... I just can't decide which to start first.. such a dilema!
I do have one UFO too... maybe I should start with that???

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