Wednesday 30 July 2008

Quilt Class

For the first hour we only had 2 ladies, Ines & Anita. Just as I thought it would be a quiet morning, more ladies arived.

Anabela works, she came by to show us what she is doing with her holidays... sewing!
She has lots of these kaleidoscope blocks done and hopes to finish the quilt in 1 month. The house won't be clean, cupboards will be empty and the family will starve... but she will be happy and the quilt might get finished! Sounds like normal life for me! ha ha ha

The baby will be born any day now... Ines is almost done with the quilt, just a few ends to tie off and the binding... hope baby can wait...

Corina cutting her strips, a new lady today. She owns a craft and art school and needs this project finished before the 1st of September... She chose Christmas fabrics for her table runner. She took them home to sew.

Ines with last minute quilting...

In the middle is Anita. She is working on her Log Cabin quilt. All the blocks are done now so she will be piecing them together at home. Next time we see it, it could be finished!!???

Sofia was marking the cutting lines for her Square Dance quilt. It is quite a fiddley job ...

Very shiny hair here , he he he

baby taking notes... never to young to start quilting eh!! She was watching her mum play fabrics!!!

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