Thursday 10 July 2008

Quilt Class

I made the pictures all small as there are so many, If you want to see them in more detail, just click on each one... You probabubbly already know that!!!

This is Ines trimming her 'own design' baby quilt and Paula working on her 'stargazy daizies'.

Our Blue lady is ironing and Dona Manuela in the background.

This is Lucilia's Railfence, she got the borders sewn on today.

Paula was stitching for a customer.

Anita couldn't quilt her Railfence as she is waiting for the walking foot for her machine so she started her next project, a Log Cabin.

This is the first block complete.

Class action.... Blue Lady, Lucilia and Anita.

The Blue Lady working on a black and white table runner!!!

Ines's baby quilt top.

Sofia has finished the Log Cabin Sunshine quilt, not sure if that what's she will label it but I think it fits perfectly. In this close shot you can see the free hand zig-zag border too.

This is Sofia's next project, Square Dance.

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