Wednesday 23 July 2008

Mums Lace

My Mum sent me a photo of her latest project.

She says about it.....
"The pattern is called Fleur and again is a Biggins one. I tried several ways to do the stitch in the larger section nearer to the inside edge but wasn't too happy that I had done it right.
I took it to our lace group meeting and asked Maddy, the more experienced lacer, and she confirmed that I had done it right, so I was able to get on with it.
The stitch is '8 thread Armure - Binche' It is similar to the 'rose ground' in the other section nearer to the scalloped edge. The black looking dot is an uncovered pin hole, which is what got me thinking I had done it wrong. Usually all the pins are covered. This pattern uses 33 pairs and Finca 40's thread.
I haven't used this thread before but it feels nice and smooth to work with. As there are no more meetings until September, I'm afraid I have allowed myself to become side-tracked with other bits and pieces so there isn't a lot being done on the lace front.
I guess if you make lace, this seamingly foreign language will mean something to you....
I am a quilter...
and .... I'm sorry mummy, this went straignt over my head, and I read it several times!!!
I love it .. but I don't understand it at all...... tee hee

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