Monday 21 July 2008

O Christmas Tree

I finished it, all quilted and bound and I shall make the label later... as usual.
I'm very pleased with this wall hanging.
I enjoyed quilting it... once I decided how. I keep trying to avoid meandering since we went to the Jenny Bowker "dance with your feed-dogs down" workshop in April. She said they were now 'old fashioned'... but I love the meandering, so I have decided to put it back in fashion, well, at least at my house anyway!!

I love the presents under the tree, I was smiling while i made those...
and this is the cutest bauble, in my opinion!

I hope the ladies at the PIP camp enjoy making their project as much as I have... even with the sun blazing down telling me "It's only July!!!"

We still have room for a few more at the camp if you are interested?

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