Wednesday 6 August 2008

Sue's visit

Sue stopped by today for a little chat and to show her quilts.

This bright Bargello is for a very special little baby, the first grandchild!
This quilt is a record breaker for Sue, her fastest completed quilt to date!! he he he
The bargello fabrics are from Park dos Tecidos (no web page) and the border, backing and binding fabrics are from Patch-Mania in Oeiras.

Remember Sue was making all the Flying Geese blocks a while ago?? well after sewing them all on, Sue decided it was all looking too busy so she un-sewed them all and added this plain white fabric for the border instead. It gives a much 'crisper' look, which is exactly what she wanted. The flying geese will, maybe, be used on the back.

This is another record breaker.... Sue's biggest project so far!!

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