Saturday 20 December 2008

My Snowman Quilt

I made this quilt in Mexico City in 2004. It was pre-my Bernina, so all the appliqué work is done with a tiny zig-zag stitch on a very old singer sewing machine. It took approximately 24 working hours to make each block picture, swapping threads and bobbins to make sure all the stitching matched, as close as possible, to the fabrics. This project was made almost entirely from my stash of fabrics, including all the borders. The only fabric I bought was the snowman flanel I used for the backing. For the quilting I stabilized the whole thing by stitching in the ditch of each picture and it's frames, then hand stitched lots of snowflakes within the blocks to keep everything secure, so the back is also covered in stitched snowflakes too.
I think it was called Snowman Collector. Here's each block in more detail.

It's really cute, isn't it.... I usually have it hanging on my wall during December and January but as we are moving house again soon, we decided not to drill any holes, why make work when it looks great on my daughters bed!


lacingnan said...

Just heard one snowman say to the other "can you smell carrots?"

lacingnan said...

What song do you sing at a snowmans party?
"Freeze a jolly good fellow"