Tuesday 30 December 2008

Quilt Cave

This was, for 2008, the last All Day Sewing day in the Quilt Cave. It was pouring with rain all day, perfect for sewing with friends.
Amalia has been working on her unfinished projects over the holiday, these two baby quilts are almost finished.

Ann and Regina were working on their "long term" projects, who says we have to race anyway!

Anita's sampler quilt sandwich. Anita was surprised to see how many safety pins were needed to baste this quilt.....

Working at the cutting table. Ana & Amalia decided to make more complex blocks so they can learn more little 'tricks'. I think they were feeling inspired seeing Anita's project.....
Ana's Ohio Star
Ana's other block, after making these two blocks Ana better understood the importance of contrast.

Ta daaaaaa,... it was tricky but it was worth it!... another bread bag?

After making her sandwich, Anita sewed 9 x 6" squares together ready to make a mini Square Dance quilt... here she is marking the top with the template.. a fiddly job!
.... she had to get all the pieces cut out as everyone wanted to see how to do it . This will be a cushion.

Regina, very happy to have her tree sewn together. She went on to make the trunk and sew on all the borders. This project will be ready in plenty of time for Christmas... 2009!! he he he

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