Friday 19 December 2008

Quilt Cave

Oh dear, I have to confess, yet again, I forgot to take pictures in the Quilt Cave yesterday. There was so much going on that the camera just escaped me.
This is the begining of the morning, it does look like a scene from a playschool with all the kids drawing and cutting out shapes to the glue onto pictures...... the ladies are tracing their pattern pieces onto the freezer paper and the Steam-a-Seam. We did reverse applique, needle turn applique, blanket stitching, zig-zag stitching, freezer paper foundation applique, the very easy stems (which I will try to post about one day) and last, but not least... improvising! you know.... when you don't quite get it right, make it look like it was meant to be that way!! a very usefull lesson! he he he Amalia, Ana, Anita & Sofia all took home a 'vase'. Hopefully they will finish them at home so that we can get them quilted and photographed for the blog.

Regina joined us, she was working on her paper pieced tree. Here she was so happy because the tree units lined up perfectly, at the end of the day her tree was almost finished. Ann W. also joined us, we were very challanged trying to get her new bias binding foot to work....I think we cracked it, but in the time it took us she could have finished binding 4 placemats by hand.. he he he.

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