Wednesday 14 January 2009

Quilt Class

Today we had two ladies....
Noemia brought in her sewing machine, lately she has only been visiting class briefly, but now she means business! This machine is a Lidl special, Noemia got one of the better ones!... some Lidl machines just do not want to do patchwork!
She bought in a very floral Chita type fabric to make a kaleidoscope quilt but the fabric didn't have 8 pattern repeats anywhere, and we really tried! Finally Noemia was able to make these 12 "Four Patch Posies", the green and yellow fabrics, that you can just about see at the top of the picture, will be used to frame each block, I am sure it will look lovely.
Then we have Amalia with her Bernina Aurora, she bought this sewing machine only recently and is loving it soooooo much.

Amalia started another project today, I forgot what it is called but today we figured how to make the houses, next time we will work on the dolls. These blocks don't need much accuracy so, at first, it is a little confusing. They will also produce lots of crumbs to make a scrappy something or other one day.

Next Quilt Class is on Saturday 17th January at Arco Iris A Metro.

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