Monday 26 January 2009

Ronny's Ocean View

What a treat!!!
My very special friend, Ronny sent me these very special pictures this morning.

At the time of starting this quilt, Ronny was aiming to make it ready for her first grandchild, which wasn't actually on it's way yet....
the background was near completion when the announcement came,

grandbaby number one was on the starting blocks... he he he
from that day to this Ronny advises us against making baby quilts unless there is already news of an imminent arrival.he he he

This quilt was designed by both Ronny and her husband, Ton.
Every stich has been done by hand... even the background piecing....

so much detail.....
There are so many things to look at....

This is the back... how cute it is, the little dolphin in the bottom corner is the label
This is the bag that Ronny made for the quilt.

It has taken Ronny three years to complete this quilt. Baby Oscar will be receiving it for his second birthday this next weekend and he is sure to love it.
Grandson number two has already arrived so Ronny is about to start another fantastic project. She did mention that the next quilt might be made with a little help from her sewing machine.

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Quinta da Quilter said...

Simply stunning! WOW!