Wednesday 16 September 2009

Road Trip & News

On Sunday I was invited to go on a road trip with one of my new friends, Maureen. She took me to a
fabric warehouse in Leicester, I know I don't need any more fabric but it was my first invite so I just had to go! It's a long drive from here... fortunately!
I bought a pair of scissors, 3 metres of 50/50 batting to try out and these 1/2 metres of batiks, the stripey fabric was on the bargain counter... £2 per metre, I like using stripes for more interesting bindings.
I'm a member of the club now (it's £5 to join) so I guess I will be returning some day soon.

My other news is that I found a great room to rent so that I can start classes. I negotiated with a fabric shop to get 10% discount for my students and I met three ladies who can't wait to join my new group.
All I need now is to decide when to start, make and display some posters and we're off!
Wish me luck........


Birte said...

Hi Angie
I wish you so much luck with your new "projekt". I know it will work for you. All these lucky quilter who can take classes with you (I think) soon. I must admit, I am a little bit jealous.
love xxxx Birte

Helen said...

Didn't take long thankfully for you. Good luck with your new adventure!

Gina said...

Love the fabric.

Good luck withthe classes

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Patchwork and Craft in Portugal said...

I wish you lots of fun with the new classes! I am very sure that this new project will work out well. Good luck and best wishes.
bjs Ursula

Unknown said...

Hi Angela
I´m very happy for you, you deserve the best and the best you will get...
Your student´s don´t know how luck the are. Have a big kiss from one of your disciples...Sofia

Patchwork and Craft in Portugal said...

Fingers crossed for your new classes and happy ladies.