Thursday 10 September 2009

Whiston Quilters

This afternoon I went to The Whiston Quilt Group.... I met another bunch of lovely ladies...
This is a few of them, as usual I can't remember all of their names. The quilt they are holding belongs to Laura, the lady in a light top on the right of the picture. It's completely done by hand. It has cute buttons of ladybirds and bees and many applique embellishments, I think she said it was called Summer Garden, well it was definitely Garden something.... all fabrics are from Laura's stash.
This is a quilt that Laura made last year for her daughter, wonderful colours and it is also done by hand.
This project is Joy's, I called her Joy field so that I could remember her name, (field for the project, it's not her real name ha ha ha).. she is making this for a friend and it's her own design, she is making it up as she goes!.
Julie is a new lady too, so I am not the only 'new girl' here.... she is making quilts for her grand children, this is the first, the next two projects are waiting in plastic bags..... I think she will need bionic fingers as they will all be done without a machine, I think.
I sat by Joy (field) and Mary (scraps, ha ha ha, not her real name either) they are very nice ladies, here they are trying to decide which fabrics to use.

Today I was reminded of the quilt cave.... most of the ladies brought in big bags of fabrics to choose from.... remember Amalia?
I thought it was a group shop at one point... he he he

This group meets every week, so....I'm going back next week!


Gina said...

How great that you have found a quilt group

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Birte said...

Lucky you, wish I could be there too.
Love Birte