Sunday 23 September 2012

Stitching Catch-Up

Joan The Shop is back from her travels with rather beautiful sun tanned hands... she's missed us... missed my coffee, missed my biscuits and missed all the chatter-y chatter... Quilt Club starts at 10am... this is what time Joan actually started to sew, she did make a few Kaleidoscope block though.

Helen has lots of good sized bits of cream fabric left over from her Heirloom project so she's decided to work her way through the 501 block book making up as many 6" squares as she can, they do look good don't they.

Late Sue is making Disappearing 4-Patch blocks ready for the baby play mat (quilt) she's planning on gifting. She got in a pickle with the sheep fabric as Sue wanted all the little sheep to be the right way up, twas more of a challenge than we expected it to be.

Jolly Jo has decided to make a Log Cabin quilt with a Christmas fabric theme. She's determined to perfect her patchwork piecing skills and the Log Cabin blocks are great for just that. Jo had purchased a new 1/4" foot with no guide bar, took great care cutting the strips and didn't use an iron... as far as I could see.. these small changes did the trick! First block was bang on track to perfection.


Helen said...

Those fabrics are nice. Shame too far to go and get some! Bjs Helen

Dottymo said...

You may phone an order in I'm sure Bjs Helen