Friday 28 September 2012

Stitching News

My Mum Gwynneth is fascinated by differently (and usually tricky) pieced blocks and quilts. When one of the ladies produced this unwanted design, she jumped at the chance to have a go.

My Mum Gwynneth again, not so tricky for piecing but a close eye needed to be kept on fabric placement... she does enjoy a good puzzle! Two Charm packs (obviously it can be made with 5" stash squares too) and some background fabric... a free pattern on tinterweb...

Helen won't have any teeth left when/if she finishes her sampler blocks, he he he... talk about teeth grinding with frustration!!! She refuses to be beaten by a few little 'evil triangles'... that's what she calls them! Stick at it Helen, it really is a fun thing to do!

Lacey Ann decided to 'wonk' only the alternate blocks, doesn't it look fabulous... she added a little square of wadding behind each ballerina and quilted them so that, once she adds the main wadding, those ballerinas will be extra phooofy... nothing quite like a phooofy ballerina!!!

This was Wendy's table... she received a Jelly Roll for subscribing to a British Patchwork magazine, I think the Jelly Roll is Trade Winds one... the same one Jolly Jo was working with... Wendy's making Wonky Stars... they don't half help you make a mess... and a lot of tiny scraps.

Sheila attended the last workshop we had in My Very Own Classroom with Jane Lockley. She's continued adding arty farty bits and bobs, adding fancy stitching and embellishing and now it's ready for the edging treatment, this quilt will be hanging in my shop soon for you all to see, Wendy and Geoff finished theirs too... they're also on display.
Most of these pictures are from Caverswall Quilt Cave on Wednesday this week... I hope you have remembered that we will NOT BE MEETING next week 3rd October... for the simple reason of...the hall will be in use by the WI. We will be back together on October 10th.... But some of us will be stitching together on Saturday at the SPQ Soup, Sewing and Sixties day... I'm really looking forward to the day.. there's room for more of you take a look here if you want to go...

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