Friday, 7 September 2012

Tuesday Class

Giggly Gillian started this project at her last meeting... I took pictures then too... thing is... it IS the same project but every fabric is different now, seems Gillian couldn't bring herself to use the first blocks as she liked them and wants to make a quilt all for her very own self with those ones, ever happened to you?

Lovely Lyn finished making all of her blocks, she had been thoroughly enjoying making them too... but, as the quilt  top is now in one piece, Lyn announced that she would 'never again' make a quilt with triangles in it! ... ever happened to you?

Princess Jackie finished all of the Ohio Stars that she needs for this next project. She has lots of the joining blocks made too... I think they are called Stepping Stone blocks and they turned out quite perfect... ever happened to you? 

This is Lovely Lyn's new button... yes the button! Lyn made this bag ages ago... could possible be a year ago actually... she's been using the bag on a daily basis but this week, possible a year later... it gained a beautiful co-ordinating button... sometimes you have to wait for the perfect finishing touch... Ever happened to you?
I'm mentioning the button because I just started to sell beautiful buttons in My Very Own Quilt Shop, and that's where Lyn found her perfect button!

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