Saturday 2 February 2013

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara used a Charm pack to make thousands of Flying Geese... 46 were made really. Brenda's making a Bernina Baby sleeping bag... a sewing machine cover... you know the type of thing, we make them when we stop putting the sewing machine away in between stitching sessions, because we know very well we'll be back soon!
Ann Baker was adding borders to her set of 6 cushion covers. Each one with a different coloured appliqué flower. She's got an awful lot of ends to tidy up over the next day or two... Ann says she will sort them out whilst watching the TV.
Jenny Barlaston wasted no time at all... she'd hardly put her bags down and was already pinning her quilt sandwich... Jenny had a full day of quilting ahead and, boy did she get a lot done... here she's marking her lines into the borders... an extremely cute quilt!
Meryl had made a Jig-Saw quilt recently and had these four blocks left over. It makes so much sense to make a little cushion cover to accompany a gift quilt doesn't it... The 'nipples' of the Jig-Saw were stitched into the seam  as the blocks were made and then appliquéd on top... great idea eh!
Sally has made such a lot of these Log Cabin blocks now, it's going to be a huge quilt. As the pile of finished blocks grows, the decision about how to set the blocks looms nearer... it might be a positive thing that there are so many settings for Log Cabins but with soooo much choice... how can you choose just one?
As you can see... Jean Bean made her decision and has the centre of her quilt top complete... Jean's setting choice very much influenced by Jolly Jo's recent Log Cabin Sandwich. A 90" plus quilt already and a few borders to add yet... it's a good job we'll be starting our meetings in Caverswall Quilt Cave next Wednesday... There aren't enough tables in my very own classroom for this splendid quilt to be sandwiched.
Last but not least... how frugal is Chatty Cathy? I hope you can see just  how many tiny bits of wadding Cathy has zig-zagged together... it's a bit of a game isn't it, trying not to throw anything away... This quilt is going to be donated to the dog shelter so Cathy was able to use all sorts... I'm sure a dog will be very happy with a lovely snuggly quilt to sleeep on. What do you do with your little wadding bits?

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