Wednesday 3 December 2014

Stitching News

Princess Jackie didn't give up on her Foundation Paper Piecing... she could have mind you.... it's a tricky little method and some people just can't get their head around it... doing everything backwards and through paper!!! The results are fabulous!
Jean Bean's Stocking marathon is nearly over... this is the last on her list for gifting One fabulous and finished stocking so... toot toot toot Jean Bean. 
There's just one more stocking to make...
 Are we allowed to make a stocking for our very own selves?? YES!!!
Lovely Lyn purchased a few fabrics ready to start her new project... it involves Owls and Flying Geese... the geese make the background star blocks for the owls to sit on... you will see soon enough.
Krafty Karen is also on a last minute marathon to finish her gifting quilts in time for Christmas... Here My Mum Gwynneth is tying off a few ends from Karen's quilting.
 If only we knew when Christmas was coming... 
we could all have started making things sooner!!
And if you are wanting home made without actually home making... 
we have fabulous gifting bottle bags ready for you to purchase... they were Hot Cakes last year and we ran out, so this year we (My Mum Gwynneth) made extra... I don't expect to run out this year.

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