Tuesday 1 September 2015

Quilty Quarters

I made another Kate Tunic Dress... this time it's in beautiful blue-ish Batik... I love the smell of Batik fabric when I'm pressing it... don't you?
Anyway, This Batik happened to be in my stash... wide enough to get both front and back pieces out of the same width so pattern matching was a bit easier... fabric purchased while living in Mexico... cut up with my professional scissors, purchased while living in Brazil... pattern purchased in the UK... Tis an international effort!
This time I made a few changes to the pattern, which I have to say, impresses my very own self!!! I scooped the neck a bit more, I tapered the skirt a little and used not exactly on the bias binding... all in an effort to save fabric!! Old habits....
Between this Batik version and the beautiful Art Gallery version I think I will have the perfect dress for my third try... Yes, I will make another!!!! But not today... I want to make a Batik Bendy Bag next!

And here's my very good self wearing
my new, batik, tunic dress!
It's ever so comfy!!

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