Friday 25 September 2015

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara arrived armed with a Charm Pack... It's the Little Black Dress 2 range from Moda... She wanted to make a Lick-etty-Split quilt... and she did. This quilt top was finished by the end of class. Brenda's going to make border decisions next week... 'to border or, not to border'... an often asked question!
Farmer Lynda made two further Ohio Star blocks at home and came to class eager to try a different block... which she did and also chose a third... I think we can say that Lynda is on a block roll... she's enjoying making the blocks too... now that helps!
All Day Di, we can safely say, is now at piece with applique. She has the Stick stuff and blanket stitch method firmly in her head and is making even better, stress free, progress with her Farmer Joe's Quiet Book, phew!
Sister Sue made a second Sawtooth Star block. The No Waste Flying Geese method doesn't look like it will work... until you follow the instructions and then realise it is fabulous... click here and have a go for your very own self... send pictures if you like...
Fran Cupcake has been having a lot of fun with zips... These little pouches have kept her entertained. Some made with leftover Bendy Bag triangles... We had to hide Fran's 12 new zips to stop her playing with them... there's workshop preparation to do...
Jean Bean spent a very industrious day making No Waste Flying Geese for her star blocks... In time you will see that Jean has embarked on the journey of Shakespeare... In The Park, Around The Park or Through The Park...
You never can tell with our Jean Bean!! ha ha
Christabelle has a few projects that need to be finished.
Babies are popping up (out) everywhere!! This particular quilt is having pink stitching added to the sashing and pink stitching added to the blocks... I think it's for a girl!
Definitely for a girl... Carol was influenced by a secret quilt she saw being made in class... Fabric choosing was quite easy, it always is for girls though... Carol sews really quickly and confidently having been a seamstress since forever... Carol is enjoying using new skills, she might not know that yet... but I am sure!!
Just Jan joined the long list of ladies with the Bendy Bag bug... great fabric choice, from my very own little shop and a super zip colour to co-ordinate, there's plenty of choice in my zippy basket though... Jan went home with 10 more zips...
I tell you... this Bendy Bag thing in contagious!!!
Margaret has come to realise that she's going to enjoy Liberated Quilting... At first she stressed a little trying very hard to get everything perfect... Her poor seam ripper was so tired... I explained that Patchwork looks fabulous when lines don't play straight games too!!! and now... she believes me... Onward and upward Margaret!
Tomorrow is a Sew Simple Saturday.
There are tables spare if you have the urge to spend a lovely, undisturbed day stitching in my very inviting classroom...
I could show you my gorgeous fabrics, old and new and patterns too...
I love my little quilt shop!!!
I think you can tell eh?

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