Wednesday 9 September 2015

Stitching News

New Sue has made great use of her down time or rather, leg up time'.. when you're having a new, bionic knee fitted it's a good idea to plan a little hand stitching... and that's exactly what Sue did... Big Stitch hand quilting... very soothing... All done... we shall give out a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous and finished quilt and knee job!
Here's a close up of the lovely, and extreeeemly accurate and even Big Stitch Hand Quilting. Sue's changed thread colours many times... all pastels and gorgeous
Beautiful Sue... almost worth suffering a new knee!!
Rose (who is also now a prize winning quilter!!) is working on this fabulous floor cushion... the pattern was purchased at the NEC Festival Of Quilts this summer... it's a Foundation Paper Pieced project but Rosed pleased her very own self and used the pattern for her applique... just fabulous...
Princess Jackie, our first prize wining quilter is having lots of fun with her 'Welcome To The North Pole' blocks... each one is being embellished in turn... beads and baubles, embroidery and... oh no... NO buttons!!!
Gail decided to add one of Jean Beans Flanges to her baby play mat... a light beige colour... and it complemented the other fabrics beautifully... so well in fact, Gail will do all the work twice!! You had to have been there....
What happened in the classroom, will stay in my classroom!!! ha ha ha
You won't believe me but PM Pam is racing through another project.... it's so lovely to see folk so engrossed in their projects and loving the making so much that they can't leave them alone... beautiful pastel shades this time... quite a new road for Pam.
Longport Lynda was super-duper-co-ordinated in class this week...
black and white outfit, matching black and white polka dot mug and black and white fabrics for her black and white owls!!!
Susan is committed to a quilting marathon... this fun quilt needed to be finished for packing and heading off to University... it will be close but...
who needs sleep anyway!!!
What a fun quilt... a great memory of mum and home?? I hope it survives all those snuggles, coffee stains, toast crumbs etc... ha ha ha

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