Thursday 29 October 2015

Fran's Festive Bauble Garland

On Saturday 14th November, Fran's going to be teaching her most fabulous Bauble Garland Workshop... another great project for using up your bits and bobs...
Fran makes most wonderful projects and things with 'stuff' we might ordinarily throw away...
You have no idea how tricky it was to take pictures of this lovely project... I hope you get the idea... I guess you could pop into my shop for a better looky-look!
There's no limit to how many baubles you can put on your garland... The more baubles you make the longer the garland would be...
They would look quite lovely, and a little quirky  actually, to have them hanging on your door knobs and handles... with bells attached to them you would start to feel ever so festive every time you went through a door

Maybe don't put one on the loo door though... waking everyone at night would not make you popular!! ha ha ha... and, if you have kiddos in the house, they would think Santa was coming and wake up with excitement!!!

We have a few places availabubble so... what are you doing on Saturday 14th November?

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