Tuesday 20 October 2015

Stitching News, With Tooting

Merrily has a fabulous and finished quilt, Toot toot toot!!
This is the last in her series of memory quilts for grandchildren...
Unless any more grandchildren arrive that is!!!
Once again Merrily used the very popular, Apartment Quilting method,
brilliant for making large projects and this is a large project!
Squeals of delight from our Lou Lou... she finished her new bag in good time for taking it on her jolly holiday next week. Zips and gathers and plenty of pockets...
Toot toot toot Lou lou... not only is it finished... It Is Fabulous!!
PM Pam purchased a new magazine and... rather lick-etty-split-ly, ran up these most wonderful Mug Rugs from a pattern included in it...
there's plenty of room for your cup-a-beverage and a biscuit on the side!
Toot toot toot Pam... fabulous and finished fanfares for every finish!!
Peggy finished quilting her latest quilt for donating to the Donna Louise Foundation, here she's hand stitching the binding whilst telling me to get ready for a new project... "I want it to be easy to do" said Peggy... she always says that!
Josie's table looked like she was at playschool!!
Tracing paper, pencil and scissors, sticky stuff and mess!! ha ha ha
She's getting all the bits together for a Kids Quilts Christmas Stocking or two.
Di Butterfly is also making a Christmas stocking. This pattern is also from Kids Quilts, a slightly different design and using the very same, sticky stuff and blanket stitch applique method. I'm thinking that it's our favourite method at the moment!
Well now... as Merrily had finished her huge gifting quilt, it was time to start something new... Unsure for now what she wanted to make... but sure it would NOT be a huge quilt, she set about making a few liberated, Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute blocks... great for de-stressing!
My Mum Gwynneth has had a stressful time of late, I told you about all that... She's lost her stitching Mojo because of it... I wonder whether those blooming thieves know they have that in their dishonest pockets!!...
A quick and easy project might just do the trick and help her find her Stitching Mojo...
Cushions work for me, every time!!
Now then... as we are talking about stress... ha ha ha
Farmer Lynda is making different blocks for a large-ish sampler quilt. Each block will be quilted individually and then will be joined together Appartmently. Flying Geese units, though fabulous, can stress the best of us... but with this method ... all is calm!! I urge you to try it if you have not yet... it is truly LIBERATING!!!

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