Thursday 24 March 2016

60 Degree Triangle... I love it!

So... I thought I would show you better pictures of my latest finished quilt... When I showed it to a few customers in my very own little quilt shop, they were surprised how much more vibrant it was than when they had seen it on my blog post, that's why I took another snap or two... actually.... it does look a lot better in these pictures than it did on my garden steps!
I still haven't decided what to call it...
A strange thing though?... it seems to get brighter every time I look at it. When I first started to chop into the Jelly Roll by Malka Dubrawsky I thought it was dull and dark.. weird eh?
I plan to make more projects using the 60 degree Triangle... It's all a new game for me.
Using a Jelly Roll I couldn't have made the quilt any larger without losing the continuity of the diagonal straight lines... anyway, it is big enough to snuggle under on my sofa...

I joined the left over Jelly Roll strips to make these diamonds..

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Sue said...

Those colours are spot on Angie, just like in real life, gorgeous darling!