Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quilty Quarters

Yesterday, I finished all the blocks I needed to square up the Beautiful Batik quilt... when I say square up I mean rectangled up! ha ha ha.. I'm not a big fan of square quilts... Anyway... the lovely little quilt shop is closed on Wednesdays (today is Wednesday) and I need/want to choose my borders for this beauty... Oh... wait a minute... I have my very own keys to my very own quilt shop...!!! Guess where I am going now?
Blimey and good-goodness it took me a long time to press all of these strip sets... I emailed Jan Hassard to ask her preference for the direction of pressing. Lovely lady emailed directly back suggesting I press them all in the same direction and she said that we can flip the seams as and when necessary during the workshop... so, this little devil pressed them all open! ha ha PMS, I Pleased My Self! 

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