Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Sporty Sue made this project with one of the collectable Moda Frivol Tins... 42 x 7" squares of fabric, just like a Charm Pack or Layer Cake but with different sized fabrics and a cute tin to keep for ever... and we love cute tins!
This sandwich also belongs to Sporty Sue... It's been made with Moda's Little Black Dress 2 fabrics and the fabulous design, with double needle appliqued circles, was a Craftsy Class Sue signed up for... Woop woop for Craftsy!
This sandwich belongs to Rose... the Tuesday one. It's a pattern from one of the Jelly Roll books and Rose had decided to make it with a Jelly Roll... She wanted to practice and improve her skills for better piecing... looks like it worked too!
Technically, this is not a sandwich as Annbacan isn't using wadding/batting. She is going to make a Duvet cover out of this giiiiiant quilt top so wadding is not required... it will still be quilted though, to hold all the seams from coming undone.

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