Sunday 9 October 2016

Fabulous And Finished

Rose finished her fabulous Wedding Ring quilt... It's a pattern in the book Adding Layers By Kathy Doughty . The pattern makes a ginormous quilt so I had to do Mathemisms to quarter the size of the 4 blocks... yes, this quilt has only 4 blocks... Jean Bean helped Rose choose the fabulous fabrics, including daring Rose to use the beautiful Batik background... we did well eh...Toot toot toot Rose

Here's the back..., we do love to see the back of quilts don't we?
See the fabulous quilting Rose stitched, including her favourite Free-Wheeling!
It's a great quilt... go on... toot toot toot all over again!

Two pictures now... Annbacan made a quilted cube. It's super soft and feels very comfortable and every side is a different little quilt... Winnie the Pooh, fish, alphabet and more fish... ever so lovely... toot toot toot Ann, a fabulous finish

Jeannette also finished her grandbaby's quilted-playmat This was a fun one to do, Jeannette enjoyed all the fussy cutting... it kept her good all day!!
Toot toot toot Dilly, another fabulous finish

Princess Jackie had an easy thing to make... A simple cushion with lovely fairy fabric... no prize winning applique required! It is still a fabulous and finished project though so... a toot toot toot fanfare is in order

 Farmer Lynda finished her fabulous farmer inspired cushion... who would have thought that someone else's left over curtain fabric scraps could make something so lovely... we all know now though, toot toot toot Lynda... I love it.

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