Thursday, 27 October 2016

Stitching News

Our Sheila made a quilt using these designs quite a while ago...
Now she chose to use her pattern to make this lovely wall hanging set
All three beauties will be gifted... Sheila knows exactly where they will be hung.
Fabulous and finished, you know what to do?
Toot toot toot

Gail is making good progress with her festive stocking.
All the bits are stuck in place and blanket stitching is coming along nicely
There's a huge possibility there'll be tooting before Sewing prevention season.

Farmer Lynda is amazed at her progress. This project already has the binding attached ready for hand sewing in front of the TV... baby came early so the race is on. Lynda quickly moved on to her next project, which also needs a lick-etty-split bit if stitching.

Toot toot toot... A fanfare for a fabulous and finished quilt made by PM Pam... the one she says is "Not bad for a quickie" It's for a girly girl so the fabrics are perfect. not too flowery, not too pink, but quite girly indeed.

I like to show the back when the quilting shows up so well, see Pam used up all the little bits to add that very handy strip... the back is very girly and very pink! ha ha ha

Keep your trumpets aloft... This is Gails fabulous and finished gifting quilt, my goodness we are having a good run on the baby theme... toot toot toot Gail, perfectly pieced and...

here's the back so we can see the fabulous quilting Gail stitched...
It's like a double sided play mat style quilt. I love it!

It's half term for the schools so we had a few spare tables...
spying the opportunity, Rose was able to sandwich two projects
This lovely cottage-y coloured one and ...

Would you believe it... another baby is coming and it too will need a quilt ...
Rose has to make this one a bit Lick-etty-split and no doubt she'll be quilting up a storm over the weekend.
We have had an awful lot of fabric delivered... two extra trolleys full of Christmas theme prints and some amazing fabric from Basic Grey and Moda.
I might have to think of a cunning plan to make shelf space... hmmmm let me think about that for a while... before I make any rash decisions!

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