Wednesday 19 October 2016

Stitching News.. in Brief

Wow... PM Pam's fabulous quilt top!
Borders with mitred corners...
All made in beautiful Batik fabrics
Orange chair bomb!

New Sue's Autumnal table runner
Beautiful rich Batik fabrics
Quilting finished, threads to tie, crusts to trim then binding

"Not bad for a quickie..."
That's what PM Pam said as she declared the lovely quilt top finished
It's now ready to be sandwiched.

Gail's Christmas stocking...
Blanket stitch, don't you love it!
Looks pretty promising, this will be finished in good time.

New Sue's tricky project
She loves a challenge!
Princess Jackie spent her day quilting...
The most colourful Cockerels in the world!!

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