Thursday 2 March 2017

Stitching News With Tooting

It's time for tooting... Princess Jackie's quilt is fabulous and finished
This quilt has sooooo much to look at, every detail is wonderful with carefully chosen fabrics. The pattern is from the book Happy Quilts... a very popular book in my shop and it's jam packed with wonderful ideas and extremely cute quilts. Jackie says the designs are super easy as most of the 'bits' are big.

As is quite normal with the majority of my customers...
 There's a fun and fabulous backing too!
You can see the quilting better from the back can't you.
Toot toot toot Jackie, another triumph!

Have you ever had a good look at all the free projects available on the All People Quilt website? I visit it a lot, in fact I receive their newsletter regularly, I highly recommend it! I print off a lot of the patterns to inspire customers... and this one won New Sue over. It is a fabulous and finished project now, only three weeks after starting it!! There's a lot of perfect piecing and beautifully stitched applique...

and, once again, an absolutely fabulous pieced backing which allows us to see the lovely quilting Sue stitched. The hanging sleeve is ready for the quilt to hang on the wall. Toot toot toot Sue, it's just lovely.

Rose's beautiful batik Hares quilt top is almost finished... just a couple of moons are to be stitched in place... I count three needed for those hares to look up to. What an amazing batik print Rose chose for the border!! Scrummy all round! 
I'm a little worried you know, keep it between me and you though eh...
For a very long time, since my beginning actually, I have been collecting (amassing) beautiful Batik fabrics, they didn't seem to interest many customers, but I love them so... as it's my very own shop, I can collect whatever I like!!!
Just lately, lots of my lovely customers have started to purchase and use them! Some of my batik bolts are scarily running out... I might have to start hiding them!! They were meant for me to play with in my retirement!!

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