Tuesday 21 March 2017

Stitching News

Fran Cupcake attended a workshop whilst on her recent mini break down south somewhere... The workshop used a sewing pattern to make these fabulous creatures... aren't they fun!!! They're perfect for Fran who has chickens of her very own... I'll update you about the pattern later as I forgot the details.
(Update... Simplicity Crafts 5737 chicken rooster and chicks sewing pattern. Purchased in 2002!)

Fran Cupcake loves to make bunting... no ordinary bunting though... every time she creates her 'bunts' they are custom made to the occasion. Soon we will be deciding on the dates for our 'Bunting For Beginners' workshop...

If you've been to sewing classes you will know how it is with the carting of essentials and things you might need... Big bags are required... Quite a few of the Tuesday's have decided to make new Big Bags using the method of my Big Quilted Panel Bag, they're coming on a treat. Look at that fabulous fabric!!!

Gail is making great progress on her lovely 'Calming' quilt blocks...
That's what she is calling her quilt, The Calm Quilt. Using calm colours in hopes of tranquil nights in her new tranquil home... well, it might be tranquilt once she empties all the boxes!

New Sue has another Fabulous and almost finished project. She needed this one in a little hurry, we know Sue works at the speed of light so it didn't worry any of us...  And with just hand stitching on the binding... Two weeks from start to almost finished... Boom!

This is PM Pam's Biiiig Quilted Panel Bag... A  rather handy size for carting everything to and from classes and Sunday Sew-In Patchwork Parties and retreats too, no doubt.... it's nearly time for our Westhope retreat!!! Toot toot toot Pam it's an absolutely fabulous finish... I love your quilting too!

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