Sunday 2 April 2017

I Finished!!!

Next weekend, in these here parts, we have the Traplet British Stitch Village event... the one we call Uttoxeter Quilt Show... because it used to be a Quilt Show. Any way, last year I was disappointed with the amount of quilts on display, my own personal opinion of course... The only way to keep a quilt show is to have quilts entered... you know the saying "Use It Or Lose It" so... I declared that I would enter 5 quilts, in hopes that other people might feel the urge or feel obliged... to enter at least one quilt or project! Talk about taking it to the wire!!! I just now, at almost 6pm on Sunday evening... finished quilting and binding the last of my 5 quilts, labels are stitched on, hanging sleeves made and stitched in place... I'm good to go!

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