Thursday, 20 April 2017

Quilty Quarters

So that was it... the 'long holiday weekend' is over and today my lovely, inspiring and very well stocked Patchwork And Quilting shop is open as normal... well... when I say normal... there are no classes, like a half term school break!
Oh yes, there have been complaints, folk don't like missing their weekly fix of fun... but I've grown a tough skin over the years of Bank Holidays.
I have rather indulged myself with a few uninterrupted, long days in Quilt Quarters... What really started off as a very small project to use up a few triangles, and I do mean small as I had ideas of a large floor cushion, has turned into this! 

The original blocks, all 12 of them 12" finished... already way beyond the possible cushion size, were making a rather small quilt, 36" x 48"... I might have mentioned the possibility of maybe sashing the blocks in an earlier post? 
I did sash them, with the remaining, left over Tri-Recs triangle units and more that I cut to finish the job... which, by the way, created even more scraps for that half full drawer! 
The sashing bits created a secondary pattern... I love a secondary pattern.. especially when it just 'happens', so...
I thought about it and decided I probably needed to choose a light-ish neutral for the background then there would be pale stars too... that would be great... Grey-ish neutrals or beige-y cream-y??? hmmmmm...
I rooted and rummaged (and unearthed a spider or two... agggggrrrr! They are in the garden now!) 
Hot pink and orange and bright yellow and blue? Boom!!!... All from my Alison Glass selection ... They are my neutrals ... HA HA HA Oh my goodness do I ever love this project now!!!
When it's finished and needing a label, I will have to call it something to do with My Molly, bless her... Molly's Magic maybe... I probably wouldn't have started this if she was still with us... I'll ponder that one.
Right... deliveries are coming today so I better crack on, take this holiday hat off and get back to work... That would be choosing fabrics and cutting them up for lovely projects... did I say work?

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