Monday 11 December 2017

Stitching News With Tooting

The best thing about sewing prevention season, in my very own opinion of course, is all the wonderful things that we can, and do, make... This superb wall hanging with all it's wonderful embellishments is a perfect example. New Sue will have very Christmassy walls... toot toot toot Sue, A fabulous and festive finish

Another beauty made by New Sue...Remember I told you about all the huffs and puffs we heard while Sue was making the tiny Ohio Star blocks... boy is she now reaping the rewards... isn't it just lovely... Toot toot toot Sue, yet another fabulous, festive and finished toot toot toot

Brenda Barbara proudly held up this gifting quilt... It's for a special little girl and I am sure she will be delighted to receive it.... There are lots of different fabrics with fun designs so it's a feast for young eyes too... A fabulous and finished fanfare is needed... toot toot toot

We thought All Day Di was rushing to get these cushions finished for her very own sofa to be ready for sewing prevention season... but no!!! She is making them to donate for a rather prestigious raffle at a grand event coming up soon. Oh... and we tried to buy tickets but seems we are not posh enough! ha ha ha

Another Dinosaur block is stuck down... how cute is he! Sister Susie has decided to cut out and stick all the different block designs so that she can right down to the stitching on all of them, at the very same time... smart!

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