Monday, 4 December 2017

Stitching News

All Day Di's first, fabulous and finished, festive bunting pillow/cushion Stitched with silver metallic thread, even the applique around the Merry Christmas, making it super glittery... if you can't glitter-up at this time of year, when can you?

Toot toot toot Diane, Finished and fabulous! A carefully covered zip in the backing makes for a perfect addition to any sofa during sewing prevention season.. no 'Toddler Tummy'  cushion backs for us!

Our Carol sandwiched and quilted her festive wall hanging...
She did a great and simple quilting design, this lovely fabric doesn't need fancy-schmancy patterns it's just lovely as it is.

Josie is making for gifting... like lots of my customers. These beautifully, bright cushions will be finished in good time, zipped cushion backs are almost ready and the 'Cushion Stuffers' have been purchased... there will be tooting very soon, if Josie brings them back in that is.

Brenda Duck prefered 'Happy' to 'Merry' and that's just fine, and dandy... you know I always encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self). No 'Toddler Tummy' Backing here..., a zip was inserted and by the end of the day there was binding too.

Fiona Too had all the 'bits' prepared and cut out at home so that she could use my light box to help with the placement of all the little details, and there are a lot! Fiona's made this lovely Santa Stocking before, a few times... babies keep arriving!!

Sister Susie is making this lovely and extremely cute, dinosaur quilt... We decided that it is easier to get all the elements of each block in the right place when the background is smaller... funny how little things like that make a difference. Fabulous fabric choices, don't you think?

There's a bit of secret sewing going on too, as you would likely expect.
Just know that the ladies are very busy... sometimes my little classroom looks and sounds like a little sewing factory!! I did warn everyone last year that I had heard there would be another Sewing Prevention Season.... it must be a tradition in the crafting world... take your time all year, it's ages away yet... then, panic at the last minute!

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